“Easy Rider” – the kick off for a passion!

It all began with the “fine tuning” of Mofa’s. It was our biggest love and pastime.

Everything changed overnight, the day I saw the movie “Easy Rider” with Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson. I fell in love with “my motorcycle”: The Chopper “Captain America”. I had only one thought and nothing could ever stop me: a Harley Davidson like that! It’s awesome sound, nothing high revving and “screaming” – Just comfortably cruising along the roads.

Japanese had no chances

At that time, I lived in the Romandie, the French part of Switzerland. Fully enthusiastic, I used to spend, mostly over weekends, several hours with my friends in getting our low powered motorcycles faster than the legally allowed 30km/h!
Pistons, cylinders, carburetors and pinion of the Sachs, Puch, Maxi, Solex, Pony, Ciao, Cilo and Kreidler, had to be “adapted”. In the eyes of the Law, it was – illegal fine tuning – and this made it for us even more challenging. It was our way to violate the many rules and prohibitions of the society in that time. Police officers became for the first time through our doing, our enemies. Enemies made out of boys, men! But quiet frankly, we were on our own, did not arm anybody nor did we break anything.
It went on for three years and finally the cops won; we got tired of the continuous troubles, the fines, the hidings and the punishments from our parents. However the fever and the passion for motorcycles carried on burning within our hearts.
One day, we met an elderly motorcycle fanatic and after some negotiations, we were allowed to ride his BMW R50. As we had not reached, the required age of 18, we had to ride on country roads and in the forest. We “the wild ones”, as we were called in the village, got richer of another experience and it led us to meet Farmer Pierre a bike freak and collector.
A blue BSA A10 Road Rocket and a black Norton Commando that we built up with a Manx motor where added to “our fleet” . We could ride these machines on the farmer’s private land. We were not legal but the Law couldn’t do much, as we were riding on private properties.

We were happy as a pig in mud. With our little pocket money of around 20 Swiss Francs per month, we were experiencing as much as possible with real big motorcycles.
Up to 1970, there were only British, German and French motorcycles in our village but that changed when some guys bought theses Kawasaki’s Mach III Triples. The green and white machines were fast, very fast with its air-cooled inline three-cylinder two-stroke engine. These bikes had teething problems: disastrous handling because of the frame, premature crank bearing failures and the middle piston used to seize.

That piston seizing injured three friends very badly and one passed away. We hated these engines and with immediate effect did not want to know anything about motorcycles Made in Japan. Their Nickname “The widow-maker” was also banned in our village.

One goal only: A Harley Davidson

With the movie “Easy Rider”, I saw “Captain America” my dream machine:

I was daydreaming about it, I saved as hard as I could. Each coin would end up into the Harley piggybank. It seemed impossible but it was my goal!

Have a drink with friends, going out and holidays were taken off my bucket-list. I had only one ambition in my mind: a Harley Davidson.

Mission impossible – A dream fulfilled

After my apprentice and my compulsory army service, I wanted to move, see the World and I got offered a job in South Africa. In 1976, I bought my Harley Davidson/AMF Sportster. My endless hope and years of “struggling” and savings were finally rewarded.

Each possible day, I was exploring and discovering the country with its attractions. Julie (my Harley) and I drove many roads, from dirt and sand to tar and that all over Southern Africa, from Johannesburg through to Lesotho, Transkei, Ciskei, Bophuthatswana, Botswana, Rhodesia and South West Africa. Often, I travelled with a reserve of 20 liters of petrol (fuel) tank because of the worldwide trade and oil embargo against South Africa that obliged the Government to save fuel. Saturday 13 h 00 until Monday morning 07 h 00, all gas stations were closed. Without the gasoline container, my trip-radius would have been shortened to an 100 Km radius. I slept in tents and cooked myself. T-bags were a foreign word, so I manufactured my own special bags from ostrich leather.

Twincruiser Tours – Holidays with motorcycles to really enjoy

Many years have gone by,…I had various motorcycles, from Harley Davidson to BMW, Triumph, Yamaha XT-500 and Moto Guzzi. I still ride many of these roads and I won’t forget how much I loved them. I stayed faithful and loyal to them. My way to travel, my accommodations and my eating habits have changed. I worked hard, saved my cash and for many years I spent my holidays at home, now is the time for the work-life balance!
Twincruiser Tours philosophy was born: Discover differently, enjoy deeper and treat yourself with quality and luxury at a fair price!

More than just travelling

We created something specific and out of the ordinary – a different kind of vacation that makes people more aware, that makes them spin their heads and keeps them talking, remembering and dreaming.

Enjoy cruising responsibly while discovering countries and regions with its people, history, habits, customs, local traditions and cuisine, its fauna and flora. Explore interesting places, attractions and highlights out of the ordinary. Sleep in luxury, enjoy the tour, and spend your time on what you really want: to discover without stress on a motorcycle of your choice!

Our local professional tour guides have the knowledge and know more than any travel guide or book. We won’t just ride from A to B; we’ll show you what is on the right and the left of the particularly chosen itinerary we are following.
Could you imagine yourself riding through Paris and not stop to see the Eiffel Tower or visit the Arc de Triomphe?

Well then join us and share your passion and dreams with us and see our “World” like an insider.

Kurt Stauffer
Twincruiser Tours – motorcycle tours to enjoy

Twincruiser Tours

Kurt Stauffer

Is an enthusiastic motorcyclist that started riding motorcycles in 1970. Over these years, he has gained some valuable experiences riding in various countries around the world. He is the owner and the CEO of Twincruiser Tours, has lived and worked in South Africa for over 20 years and speaks fluently, French, German, English, Dutch and Afrikaans.

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