Explore the secrets of Cuba on a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle tour


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Join us on a motorcycle (Harley Davidson®) tour and explore the island’s revolutionary history and its vibrant Caribbean culture.

Christopher Columbus called it «The most beautiful earth than human eyes had ever seen».

Since… many things have changed

The largest Caribbean island has a long past. It was forbidden to certain citizens, distrusted and in the daily news. History has gone passed; the people involved like Fulgencio Batista, Ernest Hemingway, Fidel Castro, Camilo Cienfuegos and Che Guevara stay in the mind of the inhabitants.

Forget what you learned or heard about Cuba

There is much more to see and understand than classic vintage cars and Harley Davidsons®, cigars, mojitos, rum and bearded guerrillas. Discover it for yourself and build your own opinion.

Meet a fascinating culture where Cubans, Africans and Europeans melt together into one big friendly nation; listen to the local music and learn to dance the Son (Salsa), Guaguanco, Mambo, Cha Cha Cha, Latin, Timba or Bolero, meet the charming colonial cities, rich in culture, history and colour, walk on miles long sandy beaches with azure waters and discover its unspoiled nature and wildlife.

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