Frequently asked questions about our tours

How many days before tour-start should I arrive and when does the tour end?

Tour-Starts and Tour-Ends are described in each tour, as well as the city and the included services. We depart the first day (Tour-Starts) at 09h00 local time (9am). Depending on the country you are coming from, we strongly advise you to leave a few days before your tour starts to get accustomed to the time difference, the climate, the various local conditions, to  collect and get used to the chosen motorcycle, to rest and to be fit when the tour starts.
Should you not feel 100% confident with the local conditions and especially the driving over high alpine passes, we suggest you to join one of our courses to sharpen up your experiences, to learn how to get perfectly around these hairpin bends and to make you feel more confident.  If you are not sure or have more questions, speak to us before booking anything. We might just save you money!
For tours starting in Bern:
We gladly book you into a typical hotel in Bern, the capital of Switzerland. Bern is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site and is together with its surrounding areas definitely great for sightseeing.

Allow at least one more night after Tour-Ends to return to the railway station or the airports of Bern/Belp (BRN), Geneva (GVA) or Zürich-Kloten (ZRH).
Book your flights accordingly after you’ve received our tour-confirmation! Note that the itinerary may change due to unforeseen circumstances.
For tours starting in other cities:
The same applies with the named starting city, as we are at least two days before the start of the tour at the destination to organise all the details and be ready to greet you.

What does the price per rider starting consist of?
In our section “about us”, we explain how we got to our philosophy!
Our experience has shown that many people don’t really have a budget for their holidays. They know the real costs of their vacation only once they are back home and add up their receipts and credit card bills or fall into negative balance on their bank account.

We offer stress-free holidays. A breakaway where you don’t have to do organise anything and everything is cared for. You concentrate on riding and enjoying yourself!
We strongly believe to clearly show you which services are included, which ones are excluded and which additional costs you may expect.

Avoid being blindsided! Don’t just compare apples with apples but Jonagold apples with Jonagold apples!
Do you really know all expenses that might or do occur during you trip?
Here some to help you:
Transfers from your point of arrival to the motorcycle renting place and the hotel and back, fuel, oil, beverage, meals, tourist-, visitor’s, overnight-, city-, value-added-, general sales-, tourist- and other various -taxes, safe-garages and parking (even if it is not your own motorcycle, you are responsible for it and you have to pay in case something happens), video controlled parking fees, highway-, road-toll, tunnel-fees, pass-fees, motorcycle transport (ferry, train), what happens in case you have a break down with your motorcycle? Will you get another one? How long will you have to wait? Who pays for the extra costs (hotels and other expenses) and what if you miss your return flight?
Some tour-prices look very attractive as many items are often never declared.
As a foreigner, you are not familiar with these costs and you have therefore to fully trust your tour-operator. Our Price per rider starting, includes all the items as described in each tour in the section Services. On some tours, we leave a meal out in purpose, as our experience has shown that sometimes participants prefer to go their own way and eat in another place or simply not to eat. With our information package, you get a day by day program that shows you all the necessary details.

How does a typical Twincruiser Tours participant look like?

She or he is between forty and seventy five years young. They work hard, have key position in business or own a company and don’t have the time to plan their hobby. They want to get away incognito. All are passionate female and male motorcyclists who love discovering and touring, are quiet critical and real connoisseurs of the finer things in life:
They expect an impeccable personalised service from the first contact right to the end of the journey. The organisation has to be excellent with great individuality, extras and positive surprises. They want to find out, see and learn something that is uncommon, that thrills them, that is new and out of the already experienced.
They want premium accommodations that offer’s them at least the same but mostly better comfort as at home. The meals with their beverage have to suits their levels of expectations.
Of course the price-performance ratio has a very high priority.

Is each and everyone welcomed?

Each one with the appropriate driving licence is welcomed.
As our name Twincruiser say’s, we cruise. Those who prefer to “grind their knees”, do “wheelies” and take part in competitions on public roads, should preferably look for another guided motorcycle tour, as we want be able to make them happy!
Anyone who does not want to rip through areas but wants to discover, to enjoy, have pleasure, loves special extraordinary “things”, learn about or get to know the region with its people and that appreciates and respects Nature is at the right place.
The various testimonials from our past participants and the write-ups from various motorcycle magazines will give you an good idea of what we live and believe in.

Are the tours also for singles?
Many motorcyclist love to join us on a strictly private and tailored tour, others feel more comfortable in our mini groups, where you have the opportunity to meet like-minded people, to share ideas and get to know each other.
How much experience do I need to take part in your tours?
When you book a private tour with us, we organise the tour accordingly, ride at you own pace and guide you, but don’t expect to learn to ride a motorcycle on a tour.

The other tours are designed to appeal to riders of all abilities. From new riders to greybeards, we like to make everyone welcomed. However, we stipulate that all riders have to be over 25 years of age when renting a motorcycle, hold a valid driver license for the appropriate motorcycle they want to ride and a credit card. You have to know yourself and be clearly comfortable with the details outlined in our tour descriptions. Check our section “Riding skills” and the details described; number of riding days, possible resting days, total length of tour, km (miles) per day and the riding hours per day as well as the climate.
We like you to enjoy your motorcycle holiday and be realistic about your capabilities.
We cannot guarantee for nice sunny weather, therefore you must have experience and feel comfortable in riding your motorcycle in bad and wet conditions. Should you have any doubts or be unsure, give us a call or a mail.
We offer one and two days riding and safety training courses (price on application) in order to make you feel confident, more secure and increase your experience before the tour starts!

My friends and I would like to discover a region just between ourselves and your tour-guide. How do we go by?
We offer private and tailored tours in a few countries. Contact us, we need a few details from you and we make you an offer.
How many motorcycle take part in a motorcycle tour or holiday?
The private and tailored tours are planned according to your requirements and our experiences and proposals.
We don’t aim to be the biggest; we like to stay small, flexible, private and personal.
In Europe, we like to stick to two, up to a maximum of six motorcycles with or without pillion passenger. Outside of Europe, we won’t take more than ten riders. Connoisseurs joining us, are important to us; we like to see them again. A tour must be something to be remembered with joy; we want you to have a tour as discreet, adapted to your interests and as personal as possible.
Which motorcycles are available?
All motorcycles are latest models and in top condition, with a service-book and come from an approved and official dealer that cares. It is not our intention, nor the aim and our efficiency to have motorcycles that we cannot trust for the trip that we want to do. We also make sure that we have a 24 hours service should something go wrong. Generaly, we use motorcycles from the make BMW, Ducati, Harley Davidson, Triumph and Yamaha. On request, we can also search for your dreammachine.
How long is a day ride? Are we having breaks?
The daily distance travelled is described in our tour description under Km per day. It gives the possible km minimum and km maximum. The maximum is the exception of the complete tour. Each longer day is followed by a shorter day or mostly, we stay two nights at the same place with day tours opportunities. These values depend also very much on the country; 180-250km in one day, is a good average in Switzerland with its tunnels, narrow roads, many hairpin bends and steep curves and high altitude differences. You’ll get tired faster than you think and after all, we are not on a race-track and don’t need to “escape” from anyone. We want you to enjoy what you see!
In South Africa, Canada and the USA 400-500km per day are easier manageable because of their long straight stretches.

Our itineraries are designed to provide a good combination between the participants interests, sightseeing’s and riding. There is time to relax, take pictures, visit some attractions and enjoy your motorcycle holiday.

We also allow time to “digest” what we have seen and experienced. All tours are planned with breaks to “slow down” the day, unless we have to run away from a storm or another danger.

Do the participants have to follow the tour-leader?
There is no must! You are free to follow the tour-leader (tour-guide or road-captain) and benefit from his expertise, tips and general knowledge.
In prior agreement with you tour-leader, you may together with at least one other motorcyclist and at least one fully loaded mobile-phone, ride your own way on some stretches. Important is that you take the agreed itinerary and that you keep to the times and meeting points agreed upon.
What must I take with me on a tour?
Each participants gets a tour package with documentation, checking list, tips, advices and informations; plus we have daily briefings.
What are possible resting days?
On a resting day, we lodge a minimum of two nights at the same luxury hotel, guesthouse or lodge. These chosen locations are mostly with a Spa, wellness area, sauna, massages, swimming pool (some heated) and they offer various alternatives to motorcycling. (e.g. walks, hikes, Nature trails, safaris, boat trips, shopping tours, visits to museums, cities trips, an excursion with the cable car, the boat, the bus, a hired car or the train and various more).
Our tour-guide offers each day at least one guided motorcycle tour. Most of the times, we discuss the matter and choose together the right tour that appeals to the majority. Each individual may choose whether he wants to join the day trip with his bike or have a break and do something on his own.
It is the ideal alternative for your partner or friend that does not want to ride every day but still enjoy a holiday together with you.
Where do I sleep, what kind of accommodation and services may I expect?
We do not sleep at camping places, motels, low costs hotels, large chain hotels and hotels that cater for charter- tours (buses).
We book your dream holidays with luxury hotels, guesthouses, lodges, resorts and establishments known for their professional and personal service and outstanding quality, where guest are called by their names, where genuine warmth and friendly connection still counts.
Each offered accommodation is carefully tested and selected by us. Each room has a decent size for the respective country we are travelling in, a view and its own en-suite bathroom and toilet some with bidet, unless specifically specified differently in our tour-confirmation.
We do drive a big effort in the selection of the lodgings that we offer. We regularly visit and inspect each house and avoid big hotel chains.
Ideally, we support smaller, family and owner run properties away from mass-tourism with a special flair and a local charm, often with historical values that actively support the environment and local farmers.

As we concentrate on very small groups (below 10 persons), we do not have the power as other huge travel groups; therefore we are loyal and faithful to our particular places.
We pay special attention to numerous details; location, quality, professional service, outstanding cleanliness, facilities and services, not close to a noisy road, pleasantly large rooms (according to the country’s standard) with a view, a safe, a hairdryer and en-suite bathrooms with a shower and / or bath and toilets, some even with a bidet.
Further, we look at and test the kind of food that is offered and its quality, the spa and wellness areas, a swimming pool (depending on the season and climate), safe and covered parking for our motorcycles and which other services or programs could be offered in case of real bad weather.
Since we cannot take a lot of luggage, a fast, gentle and thorough laundry is a must.

After a long day in the saddle, with rides through dust and sun or rain and mud, a quiet, clean room with a view and a bed without parasites (especially in Africa but always more in Europe too) and vermin (rats, mice, bed bugs, mosquitoes, etc.) is surely more than welcomed!
We also attach great importance to ensuring that we do not have to take our motorcycle for dinner. Thus, everyone can still have a drink without having a bad conscience.

Most meals and non-alcoholic beverage are included what may I expect?
No fast food, no hamburgers, no mass production and no set menus. You are free to eat what you like.
With your subscription, you will receive a questionnaire where you can express your wishes or special eating habits. There are several multi-course menus available. Besides fish and meat dishes they are also vegetarian dishes to choose from.
Each restaurant is carefully selected and tested by us.
We attach great importance to fresh local ingredients and products with an honest taste. The kitchen should be of high quality and light with a flair for creativity, but no pretended delicacies. We give the cook enough time to prepare our dish with the necessary care, love and delight.
We love when people identify themselves with what they do.
Non-alcoholic drinks are served at the table with the meals, mostly mineral water or soft drinks. Alcoholic and any drink from the bar are for your own account.
Is there always an escort vehicle?
Depending on the number of participants and the country, an air-conditioned support vehicle with a local tour guide and driver for luggage (1 suitcase per person) is available. Some snacks and beverages are also carried in the support vehicle.
Is my flight included?
Read the services section in our tour description. Some people want to book their own flights because of various reasons; from the familiar airline to earning miles or redeem for a later flight, economy or business class, different desires are possible, that we also do respect.
It is advisable, however, from a certain group size to book with us directly since we get better prices and do pass this on to our participants.
A Tip:
Due to the fare management (flights are becoming in general more expensive the closer the travel date comes), book as early as possible!
Obviously, we will gladly help you, give you important tips and even book your flight. The flight ticket will be invoiced and issued immediately after receipt of the amount due.
What about empty luggage?
We do store your luggage securely at our offices while you are on our tour.
Is it possible to pay via Paypal or credit card?
These means of payment do charge us a certain percentage that we have to pass on to our participants. We do not want to charge you for something that does not have a certain value in return and we try to keep our and therefore also your costs, as low as possible.
We ask you therefore to pay either in USD, Euros or CHF (Swiss Francs) with Bank transfers (IBAN).
Why do participants recommend us?
With an individual dialogue and a questionnaire, we customise your very personal tour. Your interests and wishes flow into the planning of our motorcycle tours and holidays. Besides that, we suggest many ideas that we combine with our motorcycle tours.
Each trip is tailored and personal, nothing come off the shelf, no two motorcycle tours are exactly identical because no two requests are ever the same. A Twincruiser Tour has to be something special,… just like you!
A good personal feel of what our participants want and a regular contact with them, has made that most of them have become very good friends. Around 85% come-backs proves that we are on the exact track and that we are doing things right!
Creating value through appreciation! Twincruiser Tours offers you a new dimension of travelling with motorcycles; see what is on the right and the left of the road you travel. 
Not simply faster and more of everything, but the things we offer, in a different quality. You will not be able to measure and be conscious of this quality immediately, but it is noticeable and you’ll remember it. You will learn and experience deeper and therefore, understand better and ultimately know more.
Why motorcycle tours with Twincruiser Tours?
Are you looking for the biggest or the leading one? Sorry, we are not and,… we don’t want to be it!
We offer Motorcycle Tours – Made in Switzerland!
Fine with high standards and quality, just like a Swiss watch, we like to look for the Extraordinary and the Special and we identify ourselves with what we offer and do and,… we are flexible.
As an example, we don’t eat in a restaurant where waiters and staff strive to smile in order to get a bigger tip, where the service is fast and hectic, so that the table gets free as soon as possible for the next customers. We are not on an assembly line! We take the time to relax, enjoy and eat in peace.
There are no routine programs. With our time management, we try to avoid as much as possible crowded tourist attractions. Our tour guides are multi-lingual, experienced, have a great local knowledge and they love what they do. Even if you know or have visited the country or region before, we will guide you through areas and visit places, you’ve never seen or heard before.
We seek and develop authentic travel as much as possible away from mass-tourism. Our selected roads – on the roads less travelled – lead us through interesting countries, regions, landscapes, nature, flora and fauna. Along the way, we learn about the people in their daily life, their traditions, their history, know their customs and their cuisine.
We love to surprise you, to exceed your expectations and to remain in your memory!


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