Sparkling lights add a new atmosphere in the dark alleys of the city of Berne (old Berne) Switzerland. It’s special and magical. It’s a time to get together in the family and among friends; a time to rest and to recharge our batteries but also for reflections and to set new targets and objectives.

We too have made our thoughts and like to share some of them with you in our last newsletter for this year:

A motorcycle tour with Twincruiser Tours is a complete package. You may choose between joining a small group (see our FAQ) or join our speciality a private tour that has been individually tailored and designed around your interests, requests and budget. You get to live and see what you really want to see and experience. Your motorcycle holidays will be organised from A to Z by professionals that love what they offer and do. We identify ourselves with what we offer and do it with a passion.

Your motorcycle holiday will be described in details and confirmed. Each tour is, as far as possible adapted in accordance to all participants.
With our constant, continuous and extensive researches for quality, the extraordinary, our network and contacts to local characters and our familiarity in the offered countries, you will not just see the sites that the normal tourist sees; with us you’ll experience unique places and come close with local people like farmers, wine makers, artistes, artisans, local guides and cooks; share stories with them, listen to what they have to say and what they love. As we ride along our journey, we will notice some of your “weaker points” and it will be our pleasure to surprise you positively!

Twincruiser Tours does not offer any purchased motorcycle tours from third parties.
We plan, organize and conduct our tours ourselves, and, we are always with you to react and to adapt if needed! Each tour is genuine, full of unique encounters and events.

We know the standards and the costs of the countries we travel in. This is the reason why we offer in our package price.
We don’t believe in price reductions, discounts and specials as they are always at the expenses of quality, performance and intentionally left outs.
We believe that each participants has the right to know exactly what a Twincruiser Tours comprises and, very important, what other costs are to be expected.

First the accommodations, they are as important as the planned itinerary. No motels, no big chain hotels, no concrete palace and no hotels which caters for large travellers- and bus groups. We test and select each hotel, lodge and guest house personally. They are, as far as possible, typical to the region, even historical and with a genuine atmosphere. We know their owners personally and they offer local delicacies, an authentic experience and a genuine personal experience to remember. They offer quality, a professional and very personal service. The real true luxury is warmth and family connection and each guest will be greeted by her or his name and not by the room number. That is our understanding of luxury motorcycle tours.

Examples of our selected accommodations


Then the cuisine!
Do you know these sayings?
”The quality of life goes through our stomach”
and “you are what you eat!”
Well these are the reasons why you will not find any fast food or set menus on our motorcycle tours and holidays. We choose each restaurant and make sure that you will taste something typical and local that you have most probably never eaten before.

The vehicle, our motorcycle… gives us a feeling of freedom and adventure. This passion, we mate with our itinerary along certain sights and irreplaceable experiences. Join us for an amazing experience without hassles!

For all those who want to experience or to escape spontaneously before our motorcycle season in Europe begins; we offer the following destinations:

South Africa






The rainbow country, a world in one country for unique experiences.

Kurt takes you through his second home. He shows you the other side of this beautiful country.

Experience South Africa with Twincruiser Tours like an Insider!

Discover a unique nature! Go on safari, stroke a cheetah or an elephant (no zoo’s) – all chosen, real and very special.

Should the dates not suit you and / or your friends? Just enquire any tour with us, call us or send us an e-mail.




Dubai, the Emirates and Oman


This nine-days tour has been completely redesigned. We’ve included an unusual visit to the Sultanate of Oman. We are sailing with a typical dhow (traditional boat) between the “fjords” and set a break at a specific location, where you may swim and snorkel. If we’re lucky, we might have dolphins at our party.

Further we spend a night at the 8th wonder of the world, we ride the second highest peak in the area, we sleep in the luxurious Fujairah Rotana Resort and Spa as well as the unique Bab Al Shams resort in the middle of the desert.

Departures are on Thursdays, return the following Friday or, depending on your moods, you may add a few days.

Link to further information and bookings:

Escape the winter, fly to Dubai!




Europe so many unknown places!


For example Italy: The eight days Gourmet-Tour into Emilia Romagna. We ensure that you will have a deep insight look around stunning little roads, visit castles, see roman-sites, follow the tracks of Verdi, do some sightseeing’s and visit a very special cheese factory. We have also added a short but very knowledgeable cooking lesson, where you learn to prepare a real risotto in four different manners. Get to know the real Risotto and its ingredients!

The tour is combined with a photo competition. The winner will get a weekend, for two persons offered by the manager of the guesthouse where we will be based for our tour.

  • Price: All included *per Person sharing: Starting from CHF 2‘680.-
  • Min. number of participants: 6 Riders with or without pillion passenger

Contact us for bookings and further info

We have over 1’200 Tours around Europe and cannot publish them all. So if you have something in mind, why not call us or write us a mail for an offer?
May we take this opportunity to wish you and your family a wonderful festive season and best wishes for a healthy and super prosperous New Year.
Best regards, Kurt

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