Riding skills




Riding skills

Our understanding of our three riding and routine skills level are?
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1 = Reasonable

The road surface is hard, it can be paved, asphalted, tarred and, or other surfaces. Some sections are curvy, twisty and go over smaller passes with narrow roads where sometimes two cars cannot cross at the same time.

For our safety, we might have stops on the side of the road, on parking spots, side streets or roads that might not have a solid surface, sometimes even gravel. These situations should be easy to master as we make you aware of it and drive accordingly. When riding through villages, towns and cities at the prescribed speed, we expect you to keep very close and to shorten the distances within the group in order not to lose each other. Keep in mind that you are “responsible” for the one behind you.
Although no very strong efforts are needed, you must be fully able to control and ride a motorcycle in all kind of weather; riding in bad weather and on wet roads, avoiding obstacles in the road, such as stones, potholes or other various things, as well as night driving have to be familiar to you.

Don’t expect to learn to ride your motorcycle while on our tour. You must ride motorcycle on a regular base and have made at least 5’000 kilometres (3’125 Miles) within the last two years.

If you are unsure, contact us as we offer private and tailored tours and holidays with motorcycles.

2 = Average
In addition to the properties described in “1=Reasonable”, we expect that you are a regular and experienced motorcyclist that has ridden a minimum of 10’000 kilometres (6’250 Miles) within the last three years.
The itinerary runs through mountainous regions with hairpin bends and serpentine with very tight “switchback” curves. Depending on the country, take also the hot climate into consideration. Very short gravel roads may occur. Some minor and uncategorised roads, some with damages or repair-patches might occur, but are manageable without great effort.
Note that we adapt our riding style and speed according to the general level of all participants.
3 = Challenging
In addition to the two properties described under “1=Reasonable” and “2=Average” a minimum of 20’000 kilometres
(12’427 Miles) and regular motorcycles rides are required to participate in these tours. The roads are tarred. A large section of the tour runs through mountains and passes on very narrow and single lane roads or tracks with steep slopes with in addition road repairs and many sharp and hairpin curves. Heavy traffic, occasionally unusual driving times, longer days and unpaved roads, should not bother you. Unpaved roads are mentioned in our tour description.
You’ll have to overcome altitudes differences close to 3’000 metres (9843ft) sometimes within a relatively short time. All day and several consecutive riding days at a high altitude do occur. In addition to that, you might in some countries like for example South Africa, also encounter hot, humid climate and large temperatures difference between day and night.

Riding at high altitude demands more and additional efforts and top fitness. Fatigue, nausea and physical exhaustion may be much faster noticeable as you are used to, or expect it.
What feels like a hangover, might be a mild AMS, acute mountain sickness. To take part in these tours, you must be in a very good physical condition and health, have a high level of concentration and the ability to control yourself; if you have any doubts, check with you doctor before booking the tour.


Be sure to book the right tour according to your routine and skills or, alternatively book a private tour or if unsure, contact us!
You’re riding understanding, practices and abilities might not be sufficient to ride in the Alps, Africa or in Asia.

Note that we also offer a one day special course before the start of the tour to familiarise yourself with our alpine roads.

The most time consuming task in our organisation is the planning of our Twincruiser Tours itinerary. Each country has its own specific roads, mostly public but there are also some very nice private ones; numerous surfaces, single lane, highways, from very narrow to wide, some are well maintained others oblige you to zigzag between potholes. Fact is: Countries with frost have bigger building and maintenance costs than those where the sun always shines. That’s the reason why you might see more road-repairs in those countries, unfortunately not always for the best to the motorcyclists.

We carefully design, plan and finally test each itinerary, but we are never done! Each time we ride any of our routes; we make some changes and adapt it. New or different points of interest, short cuts and, where possible “emergency itinerary” in case of real bad weather, new roads, different hotels, new guesthouses, better panoramic views, other restaurants or a better photo-spot, to name some of the main reasons, why we very seldom ride the exact same route. Depending on the weather, the general conditions and the overall driving skills of all participant(s), we may change or adjust our route during our voyage.

What is normal for a central European motorcyclist is totally strange to, for example an American Harley Rider, who is more familiar to long, never ending straight roads.
One of the reason why, so many Europeans dream and want to ride the Route 66.

Well in the Alps, continuous hairpin bends and altitude differences of up to 1’800 meters (5’906 feet) within a short hour or less, demands a very good physical condition and good riding skills.
For the experienced biker it’s Heaven on Earth, and for the less experienced rider, it could be an absolute nightmare.

We, at Twincruiser Tours want you to appreciate and have pleasure in what, we are offering. Each day starts with a short briefing; we inform you and discuss the itinerary, the known possible difficulties, the awkward respectively unpleasant points and the weather to be expected.
Everyone is free to ride faster at his own risk. There are many roads stretches along our route, where the one that wants to go faster, may go ahead at her/his own pace and sole responsibility and to wait at the pre-agreed re-meeting point. The tour-guide will come last with the rest of the group.
If you are in doubt, unsure or have questions, simply contact us.

We do offer test drives and training or fresh up rides at an additional cost. You get some valuable riding tips and should that not make you feel at ease, we can arrange a lesson with our professional motorcycle instructor. Often, only a few hours helps you to feel very confident.

Please read and pay special attention to all our tour details: Duration, riding days, resting and possible resting days, total length of the tour, km resp. miles per day and the number of riding hours per day. Choose your ideal tour accordingly. Don’t forget, that if you, for what ever the reasons may be, don’t want to ride in a small group, we are specialised in private custom-made motorcycle tours and holidays.

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