Seven Emirates, Dubai and Oman – a motorcycle dream comes true!



In the garage, your motorcycle covered with blankets is lifted off the ground,…it hibernates.
It is cold and quiet as snow has fallen heavenly upon the land, most of the time you spend inside with the heaters. In the morning, when you get up, it’s dark and when you get back home from work, it is dark again. The winter months are here. You look out the window and fall into a dream…

Never ending road the desert is on your right- and left hand side… it’s warm,…You just drove along the sea and have a salty taste on your lips, you open the throttle, your twin-engine answer’s with a roar and you “fly” into the horizon.

After a while, you stop, get off your “big bore motorcycle” and walk to a group of people. In front of their tent, you chat to these friendly women and men, after a while they invite you to share their meal. The taste is new to you; never tasted anything like that before but you like it. Later you enjoy a cup of tea, again a new taste, it’s really fine. You feel great, you lie backwards and admire the billions of stars above you and listen to the sound of silence…..

Later that evening, you ride back to your hotel and a great, almost unrealistic world, awaits you: Lights, futuristic buildings and new neighbourhoods.
Is it true? Is it just a dream?

Wake up, it is possible!

In less than six hours’ flight from Zürich or just seven hours from London, you are in Dubai with temperatures between 25 to 30 degrees Celsius and that in our European winter season!

See this world-class destination, with its top hotels, huge shopping malls and friendly people. Have fun, book a flight over the man-made islands, visit the Gold and the Spices Souks, admire the dancing fountains, enjoy a sunset Dhow cruise dinner, get to the top of the tallest building of the world and see Dubai like SimCity, there is so much to see and to discover.
Huge contradictions: from the desert and the traditional Dubai to the futuristic city, from the tent to a seven star hotel, from the camel to the Rolls Royce and from a traditional Bedouin meal to a dinner with Michelin star-courting cuisine.

The local tour-guide has many highlights to show you and can adapt the tour to your interests and personal requests.


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