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South Africa; a nation of diversity. Close to 55 million people, 9 provinces, 11 official languages, a huge variety of dialects, customs, cultures, traditions and religions. Here two oceans meet; the cold Atlantic and the warm Indian Ocean. The coastline is just less than 3’000km long and has an uncountable number of beaches. The over 1’000 km long Drakensberg escarpment is the creator of a unique biodiversity with seven separate vegetation biomes and a complexity of climate that no other country in the world shares. The highest peak is the Thabana Ntlenyana with 3’482metres (11’424ft).

The seasons are contrary to the ones in Europe. That means it is one of the ideal place to escape the winter, to keep on riding and to get an adventure with a motorcycle. There is also another big advantage, because the latitude is close to the one in Europe. In our winter we are one hour behind South African time and in our summer we have the same time. That means no Jetlag! The flight from Europe takes about 11 hours to Johannesburg or Cape Town.
South Africa is also the home of an incredible Wildlife. You surely have heard about the Big Five, no? Well, with us as insider, you’ll discover that and even more. Does the Little Five ring a bell? You’ll meet some of the most endangered animals and birds in South Africa.
We offer in-depth experiences and therefore we combine motorcycle touring with a “Calls in the Wild”. These are carefully selected unique luxury game reserves that offer something real special and unique.
We won’t forget thing for the soul and will also taste and enjoy unique wines and one the best Port wine in the world.



Although South Africa became famous with its cricket, it showed that rugby healed all wounds between Blacks and Whites. It brought two races very close together in reconciliation and melted many hearts around the World. It was in 1995 when the Springboks won the Rugby World Cup. Above see the movie Invictus (Trailer)!


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