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Abid and Mark from Peterborough - UK

 “Probably the most enjoyable time we’ve ever had on our motorcycles riding the most fantastic roads with excellent scenery with the best tour guide in Switzerland. Kurt is a genuine guy, very helpful and knowledgeable; he helped us prepare our itinerary for the complete journey from Peterborough to Burgdorf. Kurt made every ride in Switzerland very interesting, getting off our bikes and on foot at viewpoints to take it all in, pointing out landmarks and places of interest along the route, always stopping every so often, asking for feedback to make sure we were comfortable and taking in the experience. He also made sure we were always aware of speed cameras and roads where extra caution was required… Kurt has a very good sense of humour too, stories to tell about previous experiences and always willing to listen to the customer. He was also able to find us an excellent farmhouse in Burgdorf for our week’s stay, overall an excellent trip worth every cent with Twincruiser Tours, which we would definitely recommend to anyone thinking of riding Switzerland”.

Melanie and Jack from Vancouver - Canada

Dear Kurt, we can’t thank you enough for your very honest help, understanding, personal care, attention, knowledge and your Swiss efficiency. We thought we could get it cheaper by booking it “our way” but we had to learn the hard way. We made a huge mistake and thanks to Kurt who helped us out, went miles out of his way and organised us a last minute private tour, we did enjoy a great motorcycle holiday.
We made three “life time experiences”; we did not compare the various tour prices thoroughly, we underestimated the work behind a tour and the very best for last; we had a complete stress free experience in the Swiss and French Alps.
At the end Twincruiser Tours made us save money. Thanks so much for the Photo-book; we really did not expect that after all you did for us!
We’ll come again soon.

Agnes and Mike with family from South Africa

Just a note to say Thank You for everything thing you did to make our holiday a wonderful experience for us. The hotels were super and in great locations. The fact that we were able to walk to the sights in both Paris, Montreux and Bern, allowed us to really experience the cities.

Thank you both for your time on Monday. We really appreciated your effort to take us to Gruyere, Gstaad and Interlaken. Although our ex-neighbours had told us we must see Interlaken, we would never have taken the route you showed us and would more than likely have missed Gruyères and Gstaad, which were much nicer than Interlaken. We all loved the Kornhaus, and that’s also something we would never have found, if not for you.

Kurt, you deserve a medal for shopping with us on Tuesday! I’m the world’s worst at shopping because I take a long time to make up my mind, which can be very frustrating for someone like our daughter, who does not have a lot of patience! You read her well. We appreciate the effort you both made to make us welcome in your home and have raclette for us and a schnitzel for our son. Willy, I have to agree with you and I prefer the Dutch way to the Swiss way!

Kurt, we can never you repay you for your time on Wednesday. As you drove, Mike was able to relax and really enjoy the drive without the stress of driving on the wrong side of the road and following the directions to Lucerne and later to Zurich. Thanks for all the photos, which I downloaded this morning.

Ed from Miami

In 2015 I developed a strong desire to do something out of my comfort zone… it was to motorcycle through the Alps and Europe for three weeks. As an American who only speaks one language, who has never motorcycled through the mountains or ridden more than a few hours at a time, riding by myself or with others that are inexperienced in the area would have been a disaster. Twincruiser was my savior.  Everything was taken care of, language was not an issue, getting lost was not a concern, and we went to the right places. Kurt is an absolute veteran when it comes to riding throughout Europe, especially the Alps. Each day’s route was meticulously planned in advance and rechecked and adjusted the night before, and Kurt used his weather apps during the ride to change course and avoid rain. My mandate going into this trip was to see as much natural, spectacular beauty as possible, and that mission was accomplished. Kurt is a perfectionist who takes pride in what he does and truly loves every moment of it. His knowledge of the areas and customs runs deep, and it’s his passion to share his life’s experience with his clients. In short, it was everything I wished for without the potential drama.

Yaron Berger from Israel

As for someone who doesn’t have a motorcycle drivers license, and who don’t own a bike yet. I decided to have my first motorcycle tour in Switzerland.

My tour guide was Kurt. An excellent driver & a wonderful tour guide.

The journey began from Bern, heading to Thun Lake. After taking a few pictures of the amazing panoramic view, we headed towards Grindelwald. A beautiful village on the swiss alps, containing stunning panoramic views of the mountains. The next stop was Interlaken, amazing streets with many shops, restaurants and cafes, the famous Victoria Jungfrau Hotel, and the casino house. From there we continued our journey to the last stop AARESCHLUCHT. Walking along the river and the great gorge. Beautiful place, wonderful experience, and stunning view through the trail.

Even though it was only for 1 day, the riding experience with Kurt, was the best one I’ve ever had in my life, I will never forget this day. Looking forward to do it again. I’ll be very happy to ride with him in Switzerland one more time, and in other countries as well.

Thanks for everything.

Yaron Berger

Daniela from London
…. “and remember… you owe me a report”… those were Kurt’s words with which we said good-bye last Saturday on our final stop just before Zurich.
It is my pleasure giving you here now this report.

We had just ridden over one week doing Grimsel, Furka, Andermatt, Samedan, even Ried, I thought I had already seen it all. Had I not passed there many times before ?

But Kurt had shown me different parts, different views which I had previously passed by without noticing them. The small, picturesque village of “Guarda” in the Engadin Valley came as a huge surprise to me.
It is the place of birth of the “Schellenursli” and an absolute “must”.

To see things anew, from a different point of view, I think this is what Kurt is really very good at.

He is not out there just to ride, doing kilometers but to see, to notice and to experience, to communicate with people. Always on the lookout for new sights and new routes, hidden corners and places which he can then incorporate into his tours. It is a huge pleasure for him to see the delight in one’s face when he has succeeded in that.

It was an easy and relaxed time we spent, hard to believe we had just met. It just worked out really well.
At all times did I feel safe and well taken care of. So very important when on the road with the bike.

It was my first tour with Kurt and certainly not my last !


Sandra and Marc from Dubai
Hello again,

I’ve written a review on the link you sent me but so far can’t see anything on it. Maybe it will take some time for it to show up. Anyway, this is what I’ve written…

We had a private tour with Twincruiser Tours and we had such a wonderful experience! Kurt had planned everything according to what we liked to see and do, so we enjoyed every moment of it! Every little detail from the type of bike we wanted to what we like to eat was catered for. And if we wanted a change from the schedule, that was ok too. This is the type of bike tour we were looking for. No restrictions and riding in a leisurely pace so that we can stop where ever we want to take in all the beautiful sights of Switzerland, which is what a holiday should be. The bike tour was the highlight of our Switzerland holiday and we were sad when it had to end. We plan to go back and will definitely go with Kurt from Twincruiser Tours again. Thank you, Kurt, for the unforgettable places you took us. It was all incredible!

I hope you like it.
Sandra and Marc

Annette Bosman and family
Dear Kurt

I would like to thank you and your team for everything you have done in order to make our holiday in Italy and Switzerland unforgettable!
We appreciate it.
The hotels were all lovely, but we would like to mention that it might always be wise to enquire about strong hair dryers when booking a hotel in Italy.
Breakfasts at all hotels were superb! As was the locations of all booked hotels.

Thanks again!
We will most definitely make use of your services again.

Annette Bosman and family

Thinus Potgieter, Pongola/SA
Good Day

Just a quick word of appreciation for the good service while we were in Switzerland and Italy.
You helped us a lot with renting a car, restaurants to eat and booking of hotels. The accommodation was wonderful and we enjoyed all the lovely places where you booked us to stay!

We could not fault anything and like to make use of you again.
What we really liked, is your professionalism and quick service.

We will definitely recommend you to all our friends in South Africa.

Thinus Potgieter


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