Tour: Shy Five and Big Five

  • Destination:
  • Duration: 18 days
  • Departs: 2018-10-28
  • Arrives: 2018-11-14
  • Price per rider, starting: CHF 8 550
  • Book by: 2018-05-27
  • Participants-rider: Min. 6 - Max. 10

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Somewhere between Cape Point and the point where Africa ends, Cape Agulhas, two huge currents meet; The cold Benguela current from the Atlantic Ocean and the warm Agulhas Current of the Indian Ocean. There are responsible for the micro-climate of the Cape and its complete region.
The area has seen countless maritime disasters over the last centuries and is still the second most windiest, dangerous and feared place in the World after Cape Horn.

It is believed that some people of the San (today’s Bushmen) split and left their Northern territories around Botswana to move south. The Khoi-Khoi tribe, as they were called, was around the Cape Peninsula for many years. They had constant clashes with Portuguese, Dutch and British seamen or survivors of shipwrecks.
On April 06 1652 history changed for this region. The Dutch sailor Jan van Riebeeck, landed with his ships, 10 days before his birthday, with the order from the Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie (VOC), Dutch East India Company to erect a fort and to establishes a refreshment station and a hospital. The route between Amsterdam and India needed an in-between stop to provide them with fresh water, fruits, vegetables and meat.

Discover the Rainbow Nation!

This was the beginning of Cape Town. The details will be unveiled to you on this tour and you’ll be able to make you own picture. It is fascinating and inspiring. We invite you to an unique stress free adventure: a Cape Town city tour, find the tracks of the French Protestants the Huguenots, witness unmatched Nature, Flora and Fauna, watch a 180 degrees Star-Sky in the Karoo, search to the Southern Cross, meet over 1’000 years old Yellow-Wood trees, there is lots to observe and to fall in love with. Huge contrasts between the modern world and places where time has stopped a few hundred years ago; that make this country so mysterious and very interesting.

Touring highlights
To name some

Time to discover ancient/old and new/modern, unique experiences and positive surprises that only an insider is able to show you, Cape Good Hope, Table Mountain, Seal-island, penguins, wineries visits and wine tasting, bobotie, Wales’s observation-boat trip (depending on the season), Route 62, lots of attractive passes, private ostrich farm visit with farmer, 4×4 Safari in game reserve, shongololo, Garden Route, Karoo semi desert, mieliepap, boerewors, biltong, droëwors,…

Riding skills
1 Reasonable

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Included are
  • All accommodations in authentic, upper scale and small hotels, guesthouses or lodges mostly with swimming pool
  • Daily breakfast
  • Fifteen multicourse dinner including non-alcoholic beverage
  • Rental of the motorcycle Class C
  • Insurances and local taxes
  • Parking fees
  • The fuel of the rented motorcycle used while riding with the tour-guide
  • Toll fees for the passes, tunnels, highways
  • All transfers
  • Private city tour of Cape Town
  • Entries fees to the games reserves and national parks
  • Two days safari in a game reserve all included (4×4 game drives, activities, meals,…)
  • Visits to the wine farm and wine tasting
  • A unique walking safari for “early birds” (wake-up call, one hour before sunrise)
  • Tourist Taxes and VAT (value added tax)
  • Restaurant gratuities
  • Hotel tips and charges
  • Support vehicle for the luggage
  • Multilingual guide and registered South African Tour-guides
  • Information package, checklists and briefings
Not included are
  • Any expenses which are not mentioned as included
  • All personal expenses
Tour-Starts Cape Town
Tour-Ends Cape Town
Riding days 14 days
Possible resting days Three days are possible, no hotels change, daytours
Accomodations In selected, unique and smaller hotels, lodges and guesthouses
Total lenght of tour 2’630 – 2’875 km (1’635 – 1’787 miles)
Km per day 160 – 380 km (160 – 236 miles)
Riding hours per day 4- 7 hrs.
Best time Mid September until the End of April. You may also book this tour individually

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