Day and short tours in selected regions of Switzerland

  • Destination:
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Price per rider, starting: CHF 695
  • Participants-rider: 2

Price Package; Rider with pillion passenger on one rented motorcycle:
Starting from CHF 760.- for a full day tour

When, dates? You give us a reasonable notice and we fix your journey!

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Let's bet...

“A Swiss biker told me once “I don’t need a tour-guide in Switzerland, I’ll find my way”

It’s not just about finding a way to a destination. Today most GPS will do that job for you. It is about riding along the finest roads with a panorama, with interesting sights, with insider experiences, good choices and with a certain flexibility and personality.

Be inspired by Twincruiser Tours guided motorcycle holidays and tours

Our stringent planning and organization includes many fine details that make the difference:
Which are the safest and less travelled roads, where do we avoid mass-tourism, what to expect along our specifically chosen itinerary, what are the must-see attractions and sightseeing’s, what time of the day is the most memorable one and which travel direction gives the better panoramic views, where can we eat something we have never tasted before, where and what kind of hotels will be waiting for us and will we have fun and experience something that we would not have on our own.
It is also a matter of time. We get you there without detours, so you may concentrate on your biking and admire the landscape. We bet with you that we’ll show you roads and places that you never knew that they exist?
We spend a lot of time on the road, have a local network, collect information’s to find out specific particularities and secrets. We love what we do; we live it with passion and identify ourselves with it.

No planning, no organisation, we do it with pleasure

You have a job that takes a lot from you, your family and your friends also need and want you; therefore the time to organise your motorcycle-trip is short.
Contact Kurt; we have hundreds of tours in Switzerland. Tell us your interests, what you want to experience, the number of km / miles you feel comfortable with or like to ride per day, the kind of motorcycle you want us to rent for you and if you’d like to come as a motorcycle rider or as a pillion passenger behind your tour guide and we’ll design, tailor and offer you, you very personal ride of a lifetime.
Break out of the daily routine and spend a day, a long weekend, a week or more with our local tour-guide and see it like an insider.

A few proposals to inspire you (2 to 4-5 days tours)
  • Emmental-Tour: Ride though the region Emmental, eat like in the 1850’s and sleep in a former Kurhaus from the Art Nouveau Period. The next day, we awaken without any city noise in the middle of nature with birds whistling and drive along “secret” paths back home.
  • Short Jura-Tour: Our first stop will be in the French part of Switzerland, where we may feel increased natural energy in a so called place of power. It is also the place where sadly, Switzerland’s last bear was shot. Fortunately, it is today a national park with many wild animals. Next to other must-see attractions, we spend the night in an over 130-year-old hotel which was made famous by a woman who knew 300,000 soldiers in World War I.
  • Long Jura-Tour: Over a few smaller passes in the Jura and into the valley of the luxury watches. Visit the oldest watch factory, see some highlights and sleep in the historic hotel, which was once the refuge of persecuted Anabaptists from the Bern region.
  • Doubs Source: We ride into neighbouring France to the source of the Doubs. We follow that river from the beginning through breath-taking canyons and valleys with exceptional panoramas. Late afternoon, we get our deserved rest in a restored unique former prison and carry on the day after.
  • Charming lakes and plunging waterfalls: In a slower pace, we drive through deep forests, over great passes and along fascinating deep blue lakes to end the day in a fairy-tale hotel of the Belle Époque in the middle of the woods.
  • Ticino: Our itinerary over ancient passes to the beautiful canton of Ticino as the Swiss-Italians call it, will lead us to an over 500 years old renovated customs-house where we’ll spend the night. The following day, we discover the Maggia valley, where we will stay in another very nice hotel. The third day takes us, along remarkable sights into the Centovalli (the valley with hundred valleys); we follow more stunning, narrow and twisty roads that all connect numerous smaller typical villages and until we reach the southern slope of the Alps.
    We stop at Grottos; Taste a real coffee or Latte Macchiato and enjoy some specialties: cicitt, polenta, risotto, antipasti, Cazzuola, Brasato al Merlot and sleep in authentic and traditional upper class hotels
Travel highlights
Ideal for shorts breaks
No planning or organisation needed, we do it for you
See the most in your available time
Daily positive surprises
Meet roads you would never have found by yourself
Each day extraordinary insider highlights and must-see sightseeing’s
From old to new, from romantic and nostalgic and from day dreams to full moons rides; let us surprise you!
Riding skills
1 reasonable to 3 Challenging
See Riding skills »
Included are

In one day journeys:

  • The rental of a Class A Motorcycle
  • Fuel used while riding with the tour-guide
  • Three courses lunch incl. non-alcoholic beverage
  • Entry and admission fees
  • Multilingual tour-guide on motorcycle

Local taxes (VAT)

In two and more journeys:
As above, plus

  • Handpicked top accommodations
  • Full breakfast
  • Full course dinner incl. non-alcoholic beverage
  • Hotel tips, porterage, charges
  • Local taxes (VAT, City-, Tourist-taxes,)
    Not included are
    • Any expenses which are not mentioned as included
    • All personal expenses
Tour-Starts Bern
Tour-Ends Bern
Duration 1 – 14 days
Riding days 1 – 14 days
Possible resting days As you wish
Accomodations In hand-picked, exclusive comfortable middle-class hotels
Total length of tour As you wish. Depending on your physical fitness and requests
Km per day Between 150 – 320 km
Riding hours per day 5 – 7 hrs.
Best time From End May to End of September (High season: July and August)

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